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Tuesday June 25, 2019 7:47 pm                

Todhunter Baptisms

Date added:2012-09-22 12:14
Date ending:2012-10-22 12:14
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Names of Ancestors:Alfred John Todhunter II, son of Alfred John Todhunter I, gent and Officer in Royal Navy he died bef 18 Nov 1843, the date his widow remarried. His mother, Mary Ann aka Marian Cornish, daur of William and Caroline CORNISH
Religion of family Member(s):Church of England
Village/Town/Province/State of family:Middlesex, Regent's Park areas London namely, Newington Crescent Southwark,marylebone, St. John's Wood, St. Pancras, St. George Hanover Sq, #15 Gloucester Place,
Range of years which are required for the research:1826-1928
Specific dates and events:18 Nov 1843 Marriage of Mother to Count Grabowsky in Marlebone, making her a British Subject, title Baroness. She died at Croydon Workhouse Infirmary. Alfred Jr married 6 August 1846 in Marlebone. He died 27 Nov 1871 in Marlebone. He lost everything in a banking venture in Dunkirk Fr and returned to Eng for Bankrupsy.
Occupations of family member(s):Civil Engineer and Banker(Jr)When he died he was CE at Metropolitan Board of Works, London. Officer in the Navy (Sr)
Names of any spouses and how they relate to your family lines:Count Maurice Grabowsk(a)y married Alfred Jr's Mother Marian Todhunter, Widow in 1843.There is a generous marriage settlement for Marion but the lawyer spent the principal leaving many creditors, Son Alfred m Caroline Eliza Cole 1846, daur of George Cole, gent
Sibling names:Emma Kate Todhunter b 1824/6 in unk place, marr Count George de St Mart of France 1 May 1847 in Westminster, died unk place (prob not Eng)
Dates of immigration:
Information available from previous research:Tues. May 4, 1880 Croydon Obit Vol. 2a/163. Death Cert#71. 12 February 1880, Workhouse Infirmary, Croydon, County of Surrey. Marion Grabowski female aged 75, Widow of Maurice Grabowski, Polish Count. Chronic Bronchitis, Certified by W. J. Jaclman, M.R.C.T., Informant's NEGATIVE: familysearch.org, anc.com no bap for Todhunter Jr or his sister, Emma Kate. NEGATIVE: Their father, named on their mgs, no Naval record found. (Archives British) I have gleaned these sites over and over. Marion's death record signed by Walter Scott Mann, present at the death of 5 Church Road, Upper Norwood, Registered 17 Feb 1880 by Edwin Bailey, Registrar. I have all census and bap, mgs adn most deaths of Jr.'s 9 children.
Goal of research:get Baptism of Alfred John Todhunter who was b at St. John's Wood near Regent's Park.
Branch of service, rank, and years served in the military for any family members:Alfred John Todhunter, Officer the the Royal Navy is ALL I've found, as on the mg records of his two ch.
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