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Thursday December 1, 2022 2:33 pm                

Name: Alina Khuda
Username: KGS
Profile:I have been working for German probate research company ErbenErmittlungEmrich for more than 3 years and covered all Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, involved in the research of Baltic region and Poland. Also I am a Ukrainian researcher of GEN-Find Research Associates (Canada), I have been cooperated with Melick Professional Genealogists (CO, USA), Steps to the Past (NY, USA), MNA Research Ltd (Canada), Glen Covert Professional genealogist (Austria), Stichting Luminis Nalatenschapsafwikkeling Zondervan Rechtinskundig Advies (Netherlands), etc. To solve cases I travelled a lot, because mostly resources in the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus are not digitalized at all. Before I was a journalist, so I also use this experience in finding heirs. I graduated from two best universities in the Ukraine with GPA above 91 and got Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social and Political Studies and was an exchange student in the USA. Previously I was a journalist and use this experience in finding heirs. I did genealogy research for myself and other families more then 8 years, and decided to establish own genealogy company. Also I am APGEN member( https://www.apgen.org/directory/search_detail.html?mbr_id=8976) and a member of The Ukrainian History and Educational Center “Nashi Predky” (Somerset, NJ, USA). Language proficiency: Ukrainian-native, English, Russian-fluent, German-B1 certificate, able to read any Eastern European Language. I am a really fun of my job because I feel myself a Santa Clause that bring presents to people.But difference is that we don't wait for Christmas time, we do our job all year.
Country of service:Belarus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, All - For Translation Only
Categories:Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Village Photography, Live Relations Search, Heirs & Probate, Military, Jewish, Family Historian, Online Research, Preliminary Research Plan
Language specialties: Cyrillic > English , Cyrillic > English, Old , Cyrillic > German , Cyrillic > Russian , Cyrillic > Ukrainian , English, Old > Russian , English, Old > Ukrainian , German, Old > Russian , German, Old > Ukrainian , Russian > English , Russian > German , Russian > Ukrainian , Ukrainian > English , Ukrainian > Russian
Member Since:2018-12-03 14:24
Member Type:Free member
Country of residence:Ukraine
Level of expertise:Professional Specialist
Associations or Organizations:https://www.apgen.org/directory/search_detail.html?mbr_id=8976 The Ukrainian History and Educational Center “Nashi Predky” (Somerset, NJ, USA)
Education experience:BA, MA in Political Studies, working experience in German heir searching company more then 3 years, attendance of training/conference in Berlin/Germany


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