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Friday August 12, 2022 1:20 am                

Name: Tamra Owen
Username: bastropcc Gold Member Professional

I have a lot of resources available to me as a professional genealogist.  My sources are many online paid subscriptions to libraries, special collections, major genealogical sites, paid vital record sites, books, newspapers as well as all the free sites.  I also have available to me the Texas State Library and Archives which houses a wide variety of records from all over the world.  This includes access to Native American enrollment applications and rolls, immigration records, Oaths of Allegiance and ships manifests. Along with the resources, I have the experience to know where to find and how to analyze information to garner even the smallest clue to try and solve the problem at hand.  I work a large amount of adoption projects while others may not.  These are the most difficult types of projects but I have been successful in the 10 that I have worked so far. This does not mean that I would be successful if your project is about adoption as each case is different.  I may come up with nothing which is what is supposed to happen, instead of being successful like I have been.

My experience is vast.  I've researched families in most of the US states, Canada and England.  When I started listening to my grandmother's stories, I began researching my family, my husband's family and every one else that needed the help.   I began building family trees and doing research before genealogy websites were available and I was there at their inception.  This experience has evolved into my becoming an expert in my field as well as having 4 websites, one on TxGenWeb.org, one related to DNA testing and 2 devoted to specific surnames. This hands on experience and self study courses have provided me the ability to conduct extensive research on special problems, analyze the information and bring the projects to a satisfactory conclusion.  I also offer follow up help to those who have been my clients.  I welcome new projects and leave no stone unturned in trying to find information to further your family's history.

I am a previous contractor for Ancestry.com and am a Certified Genealogist.

Country of service:United States-all of the US, Native American
Categories:Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Live Relations Search, Heirs & Probate, LDS, Heraldry, Military, DNA, Native American, Jewish, Family Historian, Civil War, DAR, SAR, Online Research, Preliminary Research Plan, Genealogy website design/development, Mentor, Look Ups
Language specialties:No Language Specialties
Member Since:2011-01-25 00:44
Member Type:Free member
Country of residence:United States-all of the US
Level of expertise:Professional Specialist
Associations or Organizations:Association of Professional Genealogists National Genealogical Society
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Credentials:AGA and NGS


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