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Sunday September 25, 2022 3:52 pm                

Name: Jessica McManus Paul
Username: JessicaMcManus66 Professional Education

I began my genealogy career as a researcher for Ancestry.com via the now defunct ExpertConnect program. I researched over 30 projects and maintained a 5-star rating.

I provide an affordable option for professional genealogy research. I am a FORMER member of the Association of Professional Genealogist and the Global Alliance of Genealogy Professionals. I have been researching professionally since 2003 and have created over 250 family trees for clients.

I have provided the research for nearly 100 lineage society applications and have had my research donated to many state genealogical and historical societies.

I offer family tree notebooks as well as bound family tree books to complete your family history projects. I can also assist in setting up family websites.

I also am experienced in researching Cherokee Linage and have access to The Dawes & Baker Rolls which are the tribal enrollment rolls for the Cherokee tribes. I also have access to the Dawes application packets and I am experienced in deciphering the Starr Genealogy of the Cherokee.  I am also knowledgable about the modern Cherokee tribal enrollment process.

I also specialize in Civil War research and have access to many of the Civil War records for soldiers.

I have an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Navarro College, a Bachelor Degree in Management  from Texas A & M-Commerce, and I graduated with honors in October 2011 with my Master of Science Degree in Management from Kaplan University.  


Country of service:Canada-all of Canada, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom-all of the UK, United States-all of the US, Native American, African American, Alaska, US, Arizona, US, Arkansas, US, California, US, Colorado, US, Connecticut, US, Delaware, US, Florida, US, Georgia, US, Hawaii, US, Idaho, US, Illinois, US, Indiana, US, Iowa, US, Kansas, US, Kentucky, US, Louisiana, US, Maine, US, Maryland, US, Massachusetts, US, Michigan, US, Minnesota, US, Mississippi, US, Missouri, US, Montana, US, Nebraska, US, Nevada, US, New Hampshire, US, New Jersey, US, New Mexico, US, New York, US, North Carolina, US, North Dakota, US, Ohio, US, Oklahoma, US, Oregon, US, Pennsylvania, US, Rhode Island, US, South Carolina, US, South Dakota, US, Tennessee, US, Texas, US, Utah, US, Vermont, US, Virginia, US, Washington, US, Alabama, US
Categories:Genealogy Research, Publishing, Pedigree Charts, LDS, Heraldry, Military, DNA, African American, Native American, Jewish, Family Historian, Civil War, DAR, SAR, Online Research, Preliminary Research Plan, Genealogy website design/development, Mentor, Look Ups
Language specialties:No Language Specialties
Member Since:2011-01-15 10:31
Member Type:Free member
Country of residence:United States-all of the US
Level of expertise:Professional Specialist
Associations or Organizations:Genealogists.com OnGenealogy.com Texas State Genealogical Society
Education experience:AAS- Business Administration, Navarro College BAAS-Management, Texas A & M, Commerce Master of Science-Management, Kaplan University.


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