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Thursday December 1, 2022 2:57 pm                

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Genealogy Freelancers is a pioneering and groundbreaking endeavor which began in 2008 by a small group of professional genealogists who have a true passion and dedication to the field.  It is the first genealogical service of this type to verify specialists’ memberships to professional organizations, secondary education or special experience.  Collectively, we have logged over 40 years of professional research, lecture occasionally when time permits, and we have also had the pleasure of arranging a multitude of ancestral and genealogical tours.  Prior to opening the doors of Genealogy Freelancers, our specialty mainly dealt with Eastern European descent with memberships in the Association of Professional Genealogists, Federation of East European Family History Society, Polish Genealogical Society of America and a few organizations abroad.   It has been a pleasure delving into the past for a living and after many years in the business, we understand how important the steps to ancestral heritage really are.  We also know how difficult and time consuming it can be to locate an experienced genealogy specialist that is willing, ready, and capable of tackling your ancestry project.  With thousands of genealogy sources available across the internet community, you might think that the task would be an easy one, yet this is far from the truth.  In the face of this knowledge, we decided that there should be a place where the search for professional help for your family history is an easy and painless process, thus Genealogy Freelancers. 
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Since its inception, we have had hundreds of qualified professionals join our team of freelance genealogical specialists from all over the world.  More are choosing to join us every day.  Their skills range from professional genealogy research (LDS, archive research, and more) to village photography, translations, publishing, calligraphy, pedigree charts, and live relation searches.  Visit our featured specialists page to learn more about the caliber of professionals we have available to help you with your family history project at Genealogy Freelancers. 

Our mission is to offer our members an affordable place in which they could connect to a genealogy professional from any and every corner of the world.  Our goal is to make the feasibility of seeking ones roots accessible to anyone wishing to preserve the uniqueness of their family for generations to come; there is no gift more noble.    


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