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Tuesday May 22, 2018 12:02 am                
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"Thanks, for your open and personable approach....an exemplary "how to"  on the meaning of "customer service"!  Jilli

"Your service is fantastic!" JohnT.

"Love your company's professional attitude towards everything!  Thanks for all the hard work that you "behind the scenes" people do so that the site works wonderfully and that both the clients and the researchers are best served."  Knort

"I think that your website is great.  I am glad that I came across it.  What a great resource for anyone interested in family research :)" Bluesdiva76

"Great idea!  It's about time someone thought of a service like this!" Lesny1

"Thank you for your fast and informative responses to my questions.  Your customer service is outstanding" Gretch

“I've been looking for a way to build up my client list and I've found it!  Yay!” Minska

“I have successfully connected to a genealogist researcher I'm thrilled about, thanks for your help.” linirw

“After failing to get a response from any researcher I contacted, I stumbled upon your site and after a few days time I had several to choose from!  Great concept and will use you again!” Cgoff

“My experience with Genealogy Freelancers has been 100% positive.  I was able to put the finishing touches on a family book I have been constructing over the years and can't wait to hand them out this Christmas!” DISearcher

“I think this concept of a website "meeting place" for seekers and researchers is an excellent one, and fills a real need. I wish you success.” Franknel

“Wow! I am amazed at your staff response time. Thanks for the fast and personal attention.” ArchivistUK 

“This is an awesome service!” GenMike

“The 2 translators I found on Genealogy Freelancers were just wonderful! I’m completely satisfied and look forward to using you again.” ProudPolish

"You run an excellent, very professional and impressive website."  Vtsoren

"I wanted to thank Genealogy Freelancers for such a helpful service.  We had been looking for someone for years and within one month, my Specialist Kelson found her.  He was so helpful and at a reasonable cost.  I recommend him highly!"  hopeful



Keep them coming!

Open Projects  
Project NameSpecialityCityCountryPosted OnExpires On
Ancestry search in Ottoman State Archives  Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, , Turkey2018-05-13 11:072018-06-12 11:07
Tobias Hurst and Levin Collins ancestors  Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Publishing, Pedigree Charts, Live Relations Search, Heirs & Probate, DNA, Family Historian, DAR, SAR, Online Research, Genealogy website design/developmentUnited States and United KingdomUnited Kingdom-all of the UK2018-05-12 14:032018-06-11 14:03
Searching for Greek Boy in 1960s  Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Live Relations Search, Family Historian, Online Research, Look UpsGreece2018-05-07 12:322018-07-06 12:32
Contor / Chirilut Research Archive Research, Romanian > English BucharestRomania2018-05-21 18:032018-05-31 18:03
Jozef Drue Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Lithuanian > English ,
Russian > English
Belarus, Lithuania2018-05-04 10:492018-06-03 10:49
Bind of Genealogy up to 1775 Calligraphy, Publishing, Pedigree Charts, LDS, Heraldry, , United States-all of the US2018-05-03 19:472018-06-02 19:47
Vella/Kirlakowski Genealogy Research, Live Relations SearchGalati/BucharestRomania2018-05-03 10:102018-06-02 10:10
(Johann Joschim) Lammert German family prior 1800 Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Pedigree Charts, German > English Germany, United States-all of the US2018-04-27 10:092018-05-27 10:09
Swiss Federal Archives Military Archive Research, MilitaryBernSwitzerland2018-04-22 16:572018-06-21 16:57

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