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Thursday April 24, 2014 12:36 am                
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"Thanks, for your open and personable approach....an exemplary "how to"  on the meaning of "customer service"!  Jilli

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"Love your company's professional attitude towards everything!  Thanks for all the hard work that you "behind the scenes" people do so that the site works wonderfully and that both the clients and the researchers are best served."  Knort

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Project NameSpecialityCityCountryPosted OnExpires On
Putnam County Probate/Will Search Heirs & Probate, , Carmel NYUnited States-all of the US2012-07-19 09:102012-08-18 09:10
Please help solve the Mysterious Story of Robert Stafford... Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Live Relations Search, Heirs & Probate, Military, Family Historian, Civil War, SAR, Online ResearchEngland, UK, United States-all of the US, Missouri, US, New Mexico, US2012-07-18 15:362012-09-07 15:36
Colonial America Research Genealogy Research, , Massachusetts, US, Pennsylvania, US, Virginia, US2012-07-17 09:332012-08-16 09:33
Tilmon Powell West from Tennessee Genealogy Research, , Dekalb or Smith County TennesseeTennessee, US2012-07-15 20:552012-08-14 20:55
Leroy Simmons family tree Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Village Photography, Live Relations Search, Military, DNA, African American, Native American, Family Historian, Civil War, Online Research, Preliminary Research Plan, Slavery, Mentor, Look Ups, , United States-all of the US2012-07-14 23:132012-08-13 23:13
Missing Grandpa  Genealogy Research, , Not SureMissouri, US2012-07-14 19:312012-07-19 19:31
Grandparents Birth Places Genealogy ResearchSambor & BialystokPoland, Ukraine2012-07-11 12:392012-08-10 12:39
Northern Italian Heritage? Mentor, Italian > English Italy2012-07-10 09:592012-08-09 09:59
Slovaks of Ecka, Vojvodina, Serbia Archive Research, Document Translations, Slovak > English Ecka - EtskaSerbia2012-07-09 14:002012-08-08 14:00
Looking for information about my Grandfather from Vellies Monemvasia born in the Genealogy ResearchMonemvasiaGreece2012-07-07 22:112012-08-06 22:11
Continuation for linked2ancestors only Genealogy Research, LDSPoland2012-07-04 18:482012-08-03 18:48
Los Angeles documents Look UpsLos AngelesCalifornia, US2012-07-02 15:042012-07-22 15:04
Alexander Chaney Project Part II Genealogy ResearchOhio, US, Pennsylvania, US2012-07-01 12:422012-07-31 12:42
Marriage Information needed in Queen's New York in the 1920's Genealogy ResearchQueens, New YorkNew York, US2012-06-30 09:312012-07-30 09:31
Sicilian Research and Possible Tour July 20 Genealogy Research, Live Relations Search, English, Old > Italian Campobello di MazaraItaly (Sicily only)2012-06-28 17:352012-07-08 17:35
Birth Record Rome 1892  Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Italian > English RomeItaly2012-06-26 16:002012-07-26 16:00
Prulhiere family Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Online Research, Look UpsFranceFrance, England, UK2012-06-26 09:462012-07-26 09:46
France-England 1847 Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchFrance, England, UK2012-06-25 05:102012-07-25 05:10
john jones hawkins & eloise sharon Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchUnited States-all of the US, Kentucky, US, Mississippi, US2012-06-23 23:412012-07-23 23:41
Immigration Record Albert Krayefsky Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchNew York, USNew York, US2012-06-23 20:372012-07-23 20:37
Obituary Research in Bergan New Jersey No CategoryBergan, New JerseyUnited States-all of the US2012-06-23 13:242012-07-23 13:24
Richter Project Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Village Photography, Live Relations Search, Look Ups, German > English Simmern & WestofenGermany2012-06-22 16:322012-07-22 16:32
Isaac DR for Wants2Work Genealogy ResearchUnited States-all of the US2012-06-22 13:232012-07-22 13:23
Caroline Horton DR for Wants2Work Genealogy ResearchUnited States-all of the US2012-06-22 13:212012-07-22 13:21
Lee-o-netto Death Record for WantsToWork Genealogy ResearchUnited States-all of the US2012-06-22 08:242012-07-22 08:24
Marleah Death Record for WantsToWork Genealogy ResearchUnited States-all of the US2012-06-22 08:232012-07-22 08:23
NY Brochure for WantsToWork Genealogy ResearchUnited States-all of the US2012-06-22 08:222012-07-22 08:22
Project 2 for linked2Ancestors only No CategoryPoland2012-06-22 01:382012-07-22 01:38
Edward Bennett Genealogy Research, , Louisiana, US, New York, US2012-06-21 06:232012-07-21 06:23
Macedonian landowner's granddaughter looking for ancestry and more information Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Heraldry, Family Historian, Preliminary Research PlanLake ohritMacedonia, Turkey2012-06-20 15:292012-07-20 15:29
Marriage Record-Wm Smith Wood & Rosanna Morrison Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchPrince Edward CountyOntario, Canada2012-06-18 07:502012-07-18 07:50
CUBA Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Spanish > English baracoaCuba2012-06-17 21:302012-07-17 21:30
Letter of Administration - New York County Archive Research, LDSUnited States-all of the US2012-06-17 18:562012-07-17 18:56
Thomas Price Keightley 2 Genealogy Research, Village PhotographyOntario, Canada2012-06-16 07:252012-06-23 07:25
De Jesus family Portimao, Faro, Portugal Genealogy ResearchPortugalPortugal2012-06-15 15:372012-07-15 15:37
Lohse Genealogy ResearchGermany2012-06-14 14:272012-07-14 14:27
Project for Linked2Ancestors only No CategoryPoland2012-06-04 19:342012-07-04 19:34
Robert Shiplo Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Russian > English Latvia, Russia2012-06-04 13:352012-06-19 13:35
Agnes Rabouin to Catherine Baillon - Jillllee only Archive ResearchcanadaCanada-all of Canada2012-06-03 00:072012-07-03 00:07
Pisticci, Matera, Italy - in need of processetti info Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Italian > English PisticciItaly2012-06-02 14:242012-08-01 14:24
Find the parents and grandparents of my ancestor, Mary Bethia Lewis Plunket Genealogy Research, , Arkansas, US, Tennessee, US, Virginia, US2012-05-31 21:262012-06-30 21:26
Germany Death Certificate 1960 Retrieval Request Genealogy Research, Look UpsBochumGermany2012-05-30 09:302012-06-09 09:30
Find Out What Happened to Missing Person circa 1931 Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Heirs & ProbateRochesterNew York, US2012-05-29 17:542012-06-28 17:54
James Green - National Probate Calendar (UK) Look Ups, , LiverpoolEngland, UK2012-05-27 09:462012-06-26 09:46
Donovan - Organize - Locations - Expand Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Online Research, , Massachusetts, US2012-05-27 07:542012-06-26 07:54
Julius Hagin (1860-1926) from Kremenchuk or Kiev Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Jewish, Family Historian, Ukrainian > Cyrillic ,
Ukrainian > Hebrew ,
Ukrainian > Russian
KremenchukUkraine2012-05-23 09:572012-06-22 09:57
Apai Family Genealogy Genealogy Research, Hungarian > English ,
Latin > English ,
Romanian > English
BabestiRomania2012-05-21 13:342012-06-30 13:34
Found my grandfather. Never knew him. Want to find his adult children. Live Relations Search, MentorSan DiegoCalifornia, US2012-05-20 16:402012-06-19 16:40
German Birth/Baptism Records. Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Look UpsGermany2012-05-19 08:172012-06-02 08:17
Irish Roots  Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Gaelic > English IrelandIreland2012-05-17 11:072012-06-16 11:07
Toney Family Tree Pedigree Charts, Native American, Slavery, Mentor, Look Ups, , ColumbiaMississippi, US2012-05-16 11:422012-06-15 11:42
Thomas Price Keightley Village Photography, Look Ups, English, Old > English Ontario, Canada2012-05-16 10:172012-06-15 10:17
Turner Family Genealogy ResearchMissouri, USMissouri, US2012-05-14 17:482012-06-13 17:48
Charles Augustus Marston New Brunswick Canada Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchNew Brunswick, CanadaNew Brunswick, Canada2012-05-12 17:012012-06-11 17:01
Carl Edwin Pearson Germany to PA to AZ Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Live Relations Search, Preliminary Research Plan, , Arizona, US, Pennsylvania, US2012-05-12 14:422012-06-11 14:42
Court Document Archive Research, , AlbemarleNorth Carolina, US2012-05-11 15:022012-06-10 15:02
Norwegian Roots Archive Research, Document Translations, Norwegian > English KristiansandNorway2012-05-10 19:032012-06-09 19:03
Virginia Wills Page & Madison Counties Archive ResearchRichmondVirginia, US2012-05-10 18:532012-06-09 18:53
Church records from the Diocese of Rome in Italy Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Italian > English RomeItaly2012-05-10 16:412012-05-20 16:41
Irish Roots - McGartney Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Online Research, Preliminary Research Plan, Look UpsIreland2012-05-09 19:012012-06-08 19:01
Ohio Research - Daugherty Family Genealogy ResearchOhio, US, Utah, US2012-05-09 18:382012-06-08 18:38
Find my ancestor in Alsace (Strasbourg) circa 1720 Archive Research, Genealogy Research, French > English ,
German, Old > English
StrasbourgFrance2012-05-07 23:302012-06-06 23:30
Lukatsch Family History Genealogy Research, Jewish, Online Research, Russian > English OstrovRussia2012-05-06 09:282012-06-05 09:28
Orphan in Canada for Jilllee only Genealogy ResearchCanada-all of Canada2012-05-05 09:592012-06-04 09:59
grandfathers death Archive Research, Live Relations Search, PublishingUnited States-all of the US2012-05-03 12:312012-06-02 12:31
Continuation 0f Francois RABOUIN and Celina DELAUNAY Archive ResearchquebecCanada-all of Canada2012-05-01 17:072012-05-31 17:07
Josef Szwed Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Russian > English VilniusBelarus2012-04-30 08:172012-05-30 08:17
Pisticci, Matera, Italy - in need of processetti info Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Italian > English PisticciItaly2012-04-27 22:512012-05-27 22:51
Birth records 1849 in Znaim in Mähren  Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Czech > Slovak ZnojmoCzech Republic2012-04-27 07:242012-05-27 07:24
Scottish Orphan in Canada Genealogy ResearchQuebec,ScotlandQuebec, Canada2012-04-26 19:112012-05-26 19:11
Finding my Russian great-grandmother Genealogy Research, Russian > English VladivostokRussia2012-04-26 05:162012-05-26 05:16
Records from Stockton, NY Archive ResearchStockton, NYUnited States-all of the US2012-04-24 14:462012-05-24 14:46
John Peters Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchSurreyEngland, UK2012-04-24 07:302012-07-23 07:30
Charles Fergie Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchBelfastIreland2012-04-24 07:192012-07-23 07:19
Alexander McCaughran Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchBelfastIreland2012-04-24 07:022012-07-23 07:02
Maschke research Genealogy Research, JewishGermany2012-04-20 16:222012-04-30 16:22
Genealogy Website Genealogy website design/developmentUnited States-all of the US2012-04-19 20:272012-05-14 20:27
English Brick Wall Genealogy ResearchEngland, UK2012-04-19 18:592012-05-14 18:59
charlie and bessie Genealogy Research, Look UpsGreece2012-04-19 16:192012-05-19 16:19
Strzelecki - Wojtasik Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Village Photography, LDS, Military, Family Historian, Look Ups, Polish > English Pinzcow - JulianowPoland2012-04-18 16:282012-05-18 16:28
Spadaccini Search Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Village Photography, Live Relations Search, Italian > English england-italyItaly2012-04-18 13:212012-05-18 13:21
Family, c. 1900 in Arcadia, Greece Archive Research, Document Translations, Greek > English Greece2012-04-17 14:302012-05-17 14:30
Lust Family Lineage (Ilsfeld. Germany to Bessarabia, Russia to CANADA) Genealogy Research, Live Relations SearchCanada-all of Canada, Germany, Russia2012-04-16 14:412012-05-16 14:41
extend Johnson family research-fro specialist dingwall only Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, , manyAll - For Translation Only2012-04-15 15:132012-05-15 15:13
Finding Family Records in Italy Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document TranslationsRome, Milan, and Sicily, possibly other placesItaly2012-04-15 15:012012-05-15 15:01
Need help tracing back family to when we came to the US and from which country  Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Village Photography, Military, Family Historian, Online Research, Preliminary Research PlanIreland, United Kingdom-all of the UK, United States-all of the US, Ohio, US, West Virginia, US2012-04-15 14:292012-05-15 14:29
Documenting Another SAR Patriot SAR, , Alabama, US, Arkansas, US, Georgia, US, Louisiana, US2012-04-11 19:082012-05-11 19:08
My Family tree Genealogy Research, Romanian > English United Kingdom-all of the UK, England, UK, United States-all of the US, Romania2012-04-10 09:102012-05-10 09:10
hordal Genealogy Research, Live Relations SearchCanada-all of Canada, Iceland2012-04-10 01:262012-04-11 01:26
uncle mike MilitaryNew Jersey, US2012-04-08 12:432012-05-08 12:43
Dowling/Mullen Genealogy ResearchEngland, UK2012-04-08 09:342012-05-08 09:34
family tree mom and pops Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, SlaveryMassachusetts, US, North Carolina, US, South Carolina, US, Tennessee, US2012-04-07 22:412012-05-07 22:41
Kesler Family of PA Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Online ResearchPennsylvania, US2012-04-04 13:182012-04-11 13:18
who were the parents of Francois FOURNIER Archive ResearchquebecQuebec, Canada2012-04-04 12:492012-05-04 12:49
Church of St Michael Belleville Ontario Canada records Look UpsBellevilleOntario, Canada2012-04-02 20:322012-05-02 20:32
Garcia Family in Velez Rubio, Almeria, Spain Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Live Relations Search, Look Ups, Spanish > English Velez RubioSpain2012-04-02 13:422012-05-02 13:42
William Deurwarder - Guyana  Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Village Photography, Pedigree Charts, Live Relations Search, Military, Online Research, Slavery, Look Ups, Dutch > English SurinamNetherlands2012-04-01 01:212012-05-02 01:21
parental lineage Genealogy ResearchkentuckyUnited States-all of the US2012-03-27 18:362012-04-26 18:36
My French ancestors Genealogy ResearchFrance2012-03-26 08:312012-04-25 08:31
My Family Archive Research, African American, English > Armenian BaltimoreMaryland, US2012-03-24 12:322012-04-23 12:32
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