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Sunday April 26, 2015 1:17 am                
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"Thanks, for your open and personable approach....an exemplary "how to"  on the meaning of "customer service"!  Jilli

"Your service is fantastic!" JohnT.

"Love your company's professional attitude towards everything!  Thanks for all the hard work that you "behind the scenes" people do so that the site works wonderfully and that both the clients and the researchers are best served."  Knort

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“I think this concept of a website "meeting place" for seekers and researchers is an excellent one, and fills a real need. I wish you success.” Franknel

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Project NameSpecialityCityCountryPosted OnExpires On
Family History Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Live Relations Search, DNAAustralia-all of Australia, Italy, United States-all of the US, Italy (Sicily only)2013-12-08 23:392014-01-07 23:39
John Charles Burns Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchVictoria, Australia, Quebec, Canada, New York, US2013-12-08 23:362014-01-07 23:36
Searching Brazil ancestor Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchBahiaBrazil2013-12-03 10:192014-01-02 10:19
My Hungarian great grandparents history Genealogy ResearchHungaryHungary2013-12-02 01:312013-12-07 01:31
George Schweickert Genealogy Research, German > English Germany, New Jersey, US2013-12-01 20:412013-12-15 20:41
Tatum/Brown Family Tree Roadblocks Genealogy Research, Online ResearchAll - For Translation Only2013-12-01 15:202013-12-31 15:20
Defrain-Stage Family Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Military, Native American, Family Historian, Civil War, Online Research, , DetroitMichigan, US2013-12-01 12:542013-12-31 12:54
Scottish Ancestry- Clan Donald Genealogy Research, , Quebec, Canada, Scotland, UK, New York, US2013-11-30 14:352013-12-30 14:35
Pachenko Archive Research, Calligraphy, Genealogy Research, Publishing, Document Translations, Village Photography, Pedigree Charts, Live Relations Search, Heirs & Probate, LDS, Heraldry, Military, Jewish, Family Historian, DAR, SAR, Online Research, Preliminary Research Plan, Genealogy website design/development, Mentor, Look Ups, Russian > English Chernivtsi Ukraine2013-11-28 16:122013-12-28 16:12
Williams Family - Kentucky/Virginia Circa 1700s / 1800s Genealogy Research, Online Research, , Kentucky, US, Virginia, US2013-11-22 19:322013-12-22 19:32
Boelter Family - Germany Circa 1800s Genealogy Research, Online Research, , Germany2013-11-22 17:142013-12-22 17:14
Goff Family - Tennessee Circa 1800s Genealogy Research, Online Research, , Tennessee, US2013-11-22 16:202013-12-22 16:20
Hinrichs/Heinrichs - Germany Circa 1800s Genealogy Research, Online ResearchGermany, United States-all of the US2013-11-21 16:272013-12-21 16:27
Research my Family tree Genealogy Research, Family Historian, , United Kingdom-all of the UK2013-11-18 00:002013-12-18 00:00
For my sick mother in law  Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree ChartsCommackUnited States-all of the US2013-11-10 10:372013-11-15 10:37
Colombian genealogist wanted Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Live Relations SearchAll - For Translation Only2013-11-09 16:002013-12-09 16:00
Russian Jewish ancestor search Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Military, Jewish, , Poland, Russia2013-11-07 18:442013-11-14 18:44
Find the mother of Catherine Rogers (b: ~1893) Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Mentor, , Canada-all of Canada, All - For Translation Only2013-11-05 18:202013-12-05 18:20
Present for Mom  Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Family HistorianUnited States-all of the US2013-11-05 08:192013-11-10 08:19
Anne King/Boquet Online ResearchNew York, US2013-10-29 13:492013-11-28 12:49
Private Father Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Village Photography, Pedigree Charts, Live Relations Search, Heirs & Probate, LDSPortugal, California, US, Rhode Island, US2013-10-28 00:342013-11-26 23:34
No CategoryNot selected2013-10-25 15:372013-10-25 15:37
Manos Family Tree Genealogy ResearchTennessee, US2013-10-24 21:132013-11-23 20:13
Search for father of Manus Dawson Coyle Genealogy ResearchDonegalIreland2013-10-23 17:452013-11-22 16:45
Research on the family history/genealogy of my great-uncle. Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Military, Jewish, Family Historian, Online ResearchNew YorkAustria, Hungary, United States-all of the US2013-10-21 16:252013-10-26 16:25
French Greek father Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Online Research, Look Ups, French > English FranceFrance2013-10-19 18:392013-10-29 18:39
My G-Grandfather - James Sales Genealogy ResearchSweden2013-10-19 01:152013-11-18 00:15
John & Lena Whipple Native American, Look UpsUnited States-all of the US2013-10-14 16:312013-11-13 15:31
Search for Janina Genealogy Research, Jewish, Polish > English polandPoland2013-10-12 23:092013-11-11 22:09
Researching and building family tree Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Live Relations Search, Family HistorianFall River, MassachusettsUnited States-all of the US2013-10-12 20:172013-11-11 19:17
Edgar D. Hall Archive Research, Look UpsScriba, NYNew York, US2013-10-12 09:182013-11-11 08:18
Search in Toulouse France, Haute Garonne Archives 1896, 1901, 1906, 1911 Archive Research, Genealogy Research, , France2013-10-11 15:092013-11-10 14:09
Researching and building my family tree Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Family Historian, Mentor, , MassachusettsMassachusetts, US2013-10-10 20:342013-10-20 20:34
Who is the father of Walenty Trzmiel (Ćmielik) Archive Research, Polish > English Przybynow, Poland?Poland2013-10-09 23:202013-11-08 22:20
butler history  Genealogy Research, PublishingAustralia-all of Australia, England, UK2013-10-08 21:122013-10-15 21:12
Looking for my US Ancestors Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Live Relations Search, Hungarian > Romanian United States-all of the US2013-10-07 13:572013-11-06 12:57
Nazarec Family Genealogy Research, Ukrainian > English Ukraine2013-10-03 15:442013-11-02 15:44
Miranda Whipple Online Research, Bulgarian > English, Old Granby, Oswego, NYNew York, US2013-09-26 09:272013-10-26 09:27
Seeking 3x Great Grandparents' Names Genealogy ResearchGermany2013-09-24 20:572013-10-24 20:57
Angelo Gherardi birth place Genealogy ResearchNew York, US2013-09-23 07:132013-10-13 07:13
Lithuanian Research Help Required Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Live Relations Search, Heirs & Probate, JewishLithuania2013-09-20 16:142013-10-20 16:14
Looking for long-lost biological mother Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Military, Family Historian, , Maryland, US2013-09-19 14:362013-10-19 14:36
William R Miller Pension Files Archive Research, Civil WarUnited States-all of the US2013-09-18 19:172013-10-03 19:17
Amerasian Woman Looking for Long-lost Vietnamese Mother and/or Caucasian Father Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Live Relations Search, Military, Online Research, Look UpsAll - For Translation Only2013-09-16 21:482013-10-16 21:48
Majerczyk Genealogy - Niedzwiedz, Poland Genealogy Research, Polish > English Niedzwiedz, PolandPoland2013-09-15 19:222013-10-15 19:22
Godfrey Search Archive Research, , US-MassachusettsUnited States-all of the US2013-09-07 12:532013-09-21 12:53
Record search in Pennsylvania Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, US2013-09-02 17:442013-10-02 17:44
William Claude Kopp Archive Research, Genealogy Research, , not sureAll - For Translation Only2013-09-01 00:122013-10-01 00:12
Family Tree Calligraphy, Genealogy Research, Live Relations Search, English > French Canada-all of Canada, France, United States-all of the US2013-08-31 20:142013-09-30 20:14
Dowlers' Origin Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Civil War, , not sureAll - For Translation Only2013-08-30 16:162013-09-29 16:16
Dowlers' of Missouri Origin Archive Research, Genealogy Research, , All - For Translation Only2013-08-30 14:352013-09-29 14:35
Jewish great-uncle in Brazil? Genealogy Research, Portuguese > English Not sureBrazil2013-08-28 18:012013-09-27 18:01
PENNSYLVANIA DEATH RECORD NEEDED Archive Research, Genealogy Research, , PENNSYLVANIAUnited States-all of the US2013-08-27 17:102013-09-11 17:10
grand father Archive Research, English, Old > English londonEngland, UK2013-08-26 04:312013-09-02 04:31
Cwalinska & Karwowski Poland Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Polish > English LomzaPoland2013-08-24 14:312013-09-18 14:31
German (handwritten) Translation to English - for ker728 Document Translations, German > English All - For Translation Only2013-08-24 12:162013-08-31 12:16
Birth records for Tlumach/Tlumacz Archive Research, Genealogy Research, JewishUkraine2013-08-21 09:562013-09-05 09:56
margaret hawkins parents Genealogy ResearchKentucky, US2013-08-20 01:032013-09-19 01:03
Project Maternal Grandparents Genealogy Research, Polish > English Poland2013-08-17 16:012013-09-16 16:01
colby Look UpsPennsylvania, US2013-08-16 22:232013-09-15 22:23
Suceava (Gura Humorului) and Botosani (Sulita) Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Jewish, Romanian > English Romania2013-08-16 18:502013-09-15 18:50
Lurenz to Renzi US ONLY Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Heirs & Probate, Heraldry, Military, DNA, Family Historian, Online Research, Look Ups, English > Italian United States-all of the US2013-08-15 11:412013-09-14 11:41
Native American Native AmericanNative American2013-08-14 22:282013-08-24 22:28
family of florence hoefermann regan Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Online ResearchphiladelphiaPennsylvania, US2013-08-14 20:472013-09-13 20:47
tracing my Peruvian Family Live Relations Search, Spanish > Latin Peru South AmericaEngland, UK2013-08-14 05:492013-08-28 05:49
Project Grandparents Genealogy Research, Italian > English fossombroneItaly2013-08-11 13:122013-09-10 13:12
George Ganss - Germany to PA Genealogy ResearchGermany2013-08-11 11:002013-09-10 11:00
Obtain records from Rhaunen, Germany Archive Research, Jewish, German > German, Old Germany2013-08-09 00:282013-08-16 00:28
Last of the Ragers? Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Live Relations Search, DNA, Native American, Family Historian, Online Research, Look UpsUnited States-all of the US, Native American2013-08-07 17:252013-09-06 17:25
Stoeck Family Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchPoland2013-08-07 11:272013-09-06 11:27
Jewish flight to Haarlem from Spain Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Jewish, Online Research, , Netherlands, Spain2013-08-05 18:122013-08-12 18:12
Kozole family tree Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Slovene > English Slovenia2013-08-05 01:582013-09-04 01:58
Possible connection to writer Giovanni Verga Archive Research, Document Translations, Pedigree Charts, Online ResearchItaly (Sicily only)2013-08-04 15:132013-09-03 15:13
Need research done in Serbia No Category, Hungarian > English BrestovacSerbia2013-08-02 20:392013-09-01 20:39
Wurzburg Archive Research, Genealogy Research, German > English WurzburgGermany2013-07-28 15:092013-08-27 15:09
Searching for Thomas Halbert Ancestry Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Publishing, Family HistorianUnited Kingdom-all of the UK2013-07-27 04:552013-08-26 04:55
Gukovsky in Odessa Jewish? JewishRussia2013-07-24 13:312013-08-23 13:31
Steyn Family Lineage Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Family HistorianJohannesburg Africa2013-07-23 18:292013-08-22 18:29
Deed costs for specialist wants2work Genealogy ResearchLewistonUnited States-all of the US2013-07-23 11:072013-08-22 11:07
Finding Henry "Jack" Muir (1903-unknown) Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Military, Online Research, Look UpsUnited States-all of the US2013-07-22 16:392013-08-21 16:39
Gherardi marriage Archive ResearchNew York, US2013-07-22 10:332013-08-21 10:33
German Church Record Lookup Archive Research, Document Translations, Look Ups, German > English Germany2013-07-16 13:062013-08-15 13:06
Princess Anne Co., VA Tax Record search Archive Research, Genealogy Research, , RichmondVirginia, US2013-07-16 09:432013-07-31 09:43
Prince George's County, Maryland, Obituaries 1997-2010 Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Look UpsBrandywineMaine, US2013-07-15 14:092013-08-14 14:09
Witty Family Tree Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Heraldry, DNA, Family Historian, Look UpsMelbourneVictoria, Australia2013-07-11 16:402013-08-10 16:40
1913 Toledo Blade Article Archive Research, Look UpsOhio, US2013-07-11 09:332013-08-10 09:33
A One Hour Project Consultation on a "Brickwall" Mentor, , AnyUnited States-all of the US2013-07-10 13:162013-08-09 13:16
Jewish Marriage Records in Minsk Archive Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Jewish, Polish > English ,
Russian > English
MinskBelarus2013-07-04 19:132013-08-03 19:13
Death Records, 1916 Belarus Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Russian > English MinskBelarus, Lithuania2013-07-01 21:362013-07-31 21:36
Samuel Cummins of Hancock County, Ohio Genealogy ResearchHancock Co.Ohio, US2013-06-30 00:212013-07-30 00:21
"Lutz" Immigrant New Orleans 1870-1930 Genealogy ResearchGermany, Louisiana, US2013-06-29 07:412013-07-29 07:41
Require certified documents from Lithuanian archives Archive ResearchVilniusLithuania2013-06-27 09:082013-07-27 09:08
searching for info on grandmother's death Archive Research, Genealogy Research, , springfieldMassachusetts, US2013-06-25 14:262013-07-02 14:26
Locate records of Lithuanian family, late 1800s Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchVilkaviskisLithuania2013-06-22 14:162013-07-22 14:16
Who is the father of Walenty Trzmiel (Ćmielik) Archive ResearchCzęstochowaPoland2013-06-19 12:172013-07-19 12:17
polish family research Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Military, Family Historian, Slavery, Polish > English Poland2013-06-17 08:342013-07-17 08:34
Gasset Family for specialist WantsToWork Genealogy ResearchNew York, US2013-06-13 13:212013-07-13 13:21
Shenberg Family research in Grodno area Archive Research, Genealogy Research, JewishGrodnoBelarus, Russia2013-06-12 23:452013-07-12 23:45
Matching two George Ehrhardts Genealogy Research, German > English Germany2013-06-12 09:402013-07-12 09:40
Authentic coat of arms of my family name Thoenen HeraldryBernSwitzerland2013-06-09 21:092013-07-09 21:09
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