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Monday September 22, 2014 5:15 pm                
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"Thanks, for your open and personable approach....an exemplary "how to"  on the meaning of "customer service"!  Jilli

"Your service is fantastic!" JohnT.

"Love your company's professional attitude towards everything!  Thanks for all the hard work that you "behind the scenes" people do so that the site works wonderfully and that both the clients and the researchers are best served."  Knort

"I think that your website is great.  I am glad that I came across it.  What a great resource for anyone interested in family research :)" Bluesdiva76

"Great idea!  It's about time someone thought of a service like this!" Lesny1

"Thank you for your fast and informative responses to my questions.  Your customer service is outstanding" Gretch

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“I have successfully connected to a genealogist researcher I'm thrilled about, thanks for your help.” linirw

“After failing to get a response from any researcher I contacted, I stumbled upon your site and after a few days time I had several to choose from!  Great concept and will use you again!” Cgoff

“My experience with Genealogy Freelancers has been 100% positive.  I was able to put the finishing touches on a family book I have been constructing over the years and can't wait to hand them out this Christmas!” DISearcher

“I think this concept of a website "meeting place" for seekers and researchers is an excellent one, and fills a real need. I wish you success.” Franknel

“Wow! I am amazed at your staff response time. Thanks for the fast and personal attention.” ArchivistUK 

“This is an awesome service!” GenMike

“The 2 translators I found on Genealogy Freelancers were just wonderful! I’m completely satisfied and look forward to using you again.” ProudPolish

"You run an excellent, very professional and impressive website."  Vtsoren

"I wanted to thank Genealogy Freelancers for such a helpful service.  We had been looking for someone for years and within one month, my Specialist Kelson found her.  He was so helpful and at a reasonable cost.  I recommend him highly!"  hopeful



Keep them coming!

Project NameSpecialityCityCountryPosted OnExpires On
Wallace US-Scotland Archive ResearchScotland, UK2013-01-15 20:502013-02-14 20:50
Brewster, Barnstable Massachusetts Birth Record Genealogy Research, Online Research, Look UpsBrewster, Barnstable MassachusettsMassachusetts, US2013-01-15 12:582013-01-20 12:58
Civil War widow's pension record: Can someone help me understand this document? Document Translations, Military, Civil War, , All - For Translation Only2013-01-14 19:052013-02-13 19:05
Parish Records Search in Madrid & Document Translation Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Spanish > English MadridSpain2013-01-12 19:192013-02-01 19:19
Beginners Guide To Genealogy Book Genealogy Research, PublishingNAAlaska, US, Arizona, US, Arkansas, US, California, US, Colorado, US, Connecticut, US, Delaware, US, Florida, US, Georgia, US, Hawaii, US, Idaho, US, Illinois, US, Indiana, US, Iowa, US, Kansas, US, Kentucky, US, Louisiana, US, Maine, US, Maryland, US, Massachusetts, US, Michigan, US, Minnesota, US, Mississippi, US, Missouri, US, Montana, US, Nebraska, US, Nevada, US, New Hampshire, US, New Jersey, US, New Mexico, US, New York, US, North Carolina, US, North Dakota, US, Ohio, US, Oklahoma, US, Oregon, US, Pennsylvania, US, Rhode Island, US, South Carolina, US, South Dakota, US, Tennessee, US, Texas, US, Utah, US, Vermont, US, Virginia, US, Washington, US, West Virginia, US, Wisconsin, US, Wyoming, US, Alabama, US2013-01-10 21:472013-01-15 21:47
10 Artices on Mormon Genealogy "Evergreen" Topics  LDSNAUtah, US2013-01-10 19:592013-01-15 19:59
Searching for Native American heritage  Native American, Albanian > English New York StateNative American2013-01-09 09:482013-01-16 09:48
for linked2ancestors only - new project No CategoryPoland2013-01-07 16:282013-02-06 16:28
Jan (or Johannes) Hendrik (or Heinrich) Weeber parents Archive Research, LDS, Dutch > English Utah, US2013-01-07 15:042013-02-06 15:04
Haskovsko, Bulgaria document search Archive Research, Genealogy Research, , HarmanliBulgaria2013-01-05 16:342013-02-04 16:34
Stanford's tree Genealogy Research, Armenian > English Ohio, US2013-01-04 23:402013-02-03 23:40
More work for specialist wants2work Archive Research, , LewistonUnited States-all of the US2013-01-03 18:522013-01-08 18:52
Batterman Family of New York and Peenemunde Germany Genealogy ResearchGermany, New York, US2013-01-02 14:542013-02-01 14:54
Tracing a line of family tree Genealogy Research, Pedigree ChartsOntario, Canada, United Kingdom-all of the UK, New York, US, All - For Translation Only2013-01-01 15:342013-01-03 15:34
FAMOUS DECENDANTS Genealogy Research, DNA, Online ResearchEngland, UK2012-12-29 03:452013-01-28 03:45
Evans Family Tree Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Family Historian, , United States-all of the US2012-12-28 14:542013-01-27 14:54
Research in Paris Archives Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, French > English ParisFrance2012-12-27 17:442013-01-26 17:44
Michael Lesser Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Jewish, German > English BerlinGermany2012-12-26 09:472013-01-25 09:47
Whiteaker family Kentucky and beyond Genealogy ResearchSomersetKentucky, US, North Carolina, US, Tennessee, US2012-12-22 18:432013-01-21 18:43
Carl Berglind - Sweden & Chicago Genealogy ResearchChicago, ILUnited States-all of the US2012-12-17 10:592013-01-16 10:59
Wojciechowscy from Stary Czortkow Genealogy Research, Latin > Polish ,
Polish > English
Poland, Ukraine2012-12-08 23:282013-01-07 23:28
Prospero Dupre Cazeaux  Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Publishing, Pedigree Charts, Heirs & Probate, LDS, Heraldry, Family Historian, Online Research, Preliminary Research Plan, Look Ups, French > English Belgium, France, Germany, United States-all of the US, Chile2012-12-06 16:332013-01-05 16:33
Create a list of Callifornia Public and Private Libraries With Genealogy Resourc Online ResearchCalifornia, US2012-11-29 06:582012-12-04 06:58
Create a list of Callifornia Genealogy Societies No CategoryCalifornia, US2012-11-29 06:552012-12-09 06:55
Looking for Illinois Death Records Look UpsIllinois, US2012-11-25 19:482012-12-25 19:48
Family Tree Genealogy Genealogy Research, Online ResearchWisconsin, USWisconsin, US2012-11-23 15:322012-12-23 15:32
Sweden to USA No Category, Swedish > English Sweden2012-11-23 15:242012-12-23 15:24
Family Tree Required* Greener* Publishing, Family Historian, , GrimsbyUnited Kingdom-all of the UK2012-11-21 16:522012-11-26 16:52
Young Vermont Quebec Genealogy Research, French > English Quebec, Canada, Vermont, US2012-11-21 12:312012-12-21 12:31
Civil War Pension Records - Miller/Clark Archive Research, Civil WarUnited States-all of the US2012-11-11 14:402012-12-11 14:40
1920 Census - Locate Glowniak family Genealogy Research, Online Research, Look Ups, , United States-all of the US2012-11-08 09:052012-11-13 09:05
Find an Obituary from 1920-1924 Genealogy Research, Online Research, Look UpsUnited States-all of the US2012-11-08 08:522012-11-13 08:52
Identify one person Archive Research, Online ResearchNew YorkNew York, US2012-11-05 16:402012-12-05 16:40
Mijušković Document Translations, Cyrillic > English SeattleWashington, US2012-11-04 22:462012-12-04 22:46
Ianniello Family? Genealogy Research, Family Historian, Online Research, Look Ups, , All - For Translation Only2012-11-01 20:152012-11-11 19:15
Daniel Kesler of PA Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Online Research, Look UpsWestmoreland CountyPennsylvania, US2012-10-25 14:372012-11-01 14:37
Benjamin McGee (Magee) Genealogy ResearchNorth Carolina, US2012-10-24 10:142012-11-23 09:14
Di Cuffa family of Esperia, Frosinone, Lazio, Italia Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Village Photography, Pedigree Charts, Live Relations Search, LDS, Heraldry, Military, DNA, Family Historian, Online Research, Preliminary Research Plan, Genealogy website design/development, Mentor, Look Ups, Italian > English EsperiaItaly2012-10-22 04:412012-11-21 03:41
For JohnD only (Bell-Nichols marriage license) Archive ResearchNew York, US2012-10-15 20:242012-11-14 19:24
Elena Kuuipo Nahooikaika-Hoopii Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Village Photography, Live Relations Search, Heirs & Probate, Heraldry, DNA, Native American, Family Historian, Online Research, Genealogy website design/developmentHawaii, US2012-10-15 19:392012-11-14 18:39
Nuevo Guerrero Archives in Mexico (re: 1864) Archive Research, Document Translations, Spanish > English Nuevo GuerreroMexico2012-10-12 13:072012-11-11 12:07
1920 Federal Census - Locate my grandparents Genealogy Research, Online Research, Look UpsUnited States-all of the US2012-10-11 12:462012-10-21 12:46
Will for Bertha Grace Frye Moore Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Heirs & ProbatePhilo or ChampaignIllinois, US2012-10-10 21:592012-10-20 21:59
Breaking My Brick Wall in Frosolone, Italy Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Italian > English Italy2012-10-09 22:262012-11-08 21:26
Establishing Jewish matrilineal line JewishNew YorkUnited States-all of the US2012-10-08 06:302012-11-07 05:30
Perri Family Archive Research, Genealogy Research, LDS, Online ResearchNew York CityNew York, US2012-10-05 08:542012-11-04 07:54
find my father dead or alive Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Live Relations Search, Military, Online Research, Preliminary Research PlanirelandIreland2012-09-30 10:112012-11-13 09:11
Hajdur Military Archive Research, Military, Russian > English Vitebsk or MoscowRussia2012-09-28 16:202012-10-13 16:20
Genoa, Italy: Birth or Residence Documentation Archive ResearchgenoaItaly2012-09-28 15:432012-10-28 15:43
Alfred Lustig, M.D. research (Part III) Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Military, Jewish, Family Historian, Online Research, Look Ups, German > English Italy2012-09-28 11:322012-10-28 11:32
Ucea de Sus, Romania Genealogy Research, Village Photography, Look UpsUcea de SusRomania2012-09-25 16:422013-08-21 16:42
Jacob Ports, born 1786 Maryland Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Family Historian, , Maryland, US2012-09-22 17:002012-10-22 17:00
Todhunter Baptisms Genealogy Research, , LondonEngland, UK2012-09-22 11:142012-10-22 11:14
Brazil Birth Record needed Genealogy Research, Portuguese > English Rio de JaineroBrazil2012-09-21 17:132012-10-21 17:13
Madeleine Roy - Great, Great Daughter of Jacques Roy and Martha French Archive ResearchQuebecCanada-all of Canada2012-09-20 23:462012-10-20 23:46
Alfred Abraham Lustig, M.D. research project (part 2) Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Jewish, Online Research, Look UpsItaly2012-09-20 12:392012-10-20 12:39
Santucci Family Genealogy ResearchNew York, US2012-09-15 17:222012-10-15 17:22
Hortense Watson Bell in Yonkers NY 1880-1900 Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Look UpsYonkersNew York, US2012-09-12 14:392012-10-12 14:39
Nuevo Guerrero Archives in Mexico (re: 1864) Archive Research, Document Translations, Spanish > English Nuevo GuerreroMexico2012-09-11 01:062012-10-21 01:06
Zachariah Bryan in Virginia (1770s-1790s) Archive Research, Genealogy Research, MilitaryRichmondVirginia, US2012-09-10 20:272012-10-10 20:27
Fernandez Project Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Pedigree Charts, Online Research, Preliminary Research Plan, Spanish > English Spain2012-09-10 18:592012-10-10 18:59
Pasquale Terracciano Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Military, DNA, Italian > English Italy2012-09-09 13:302012-10-09 13:30
Surrogates Court in NY, NY - Lookup/copy Letter of Administration Look UpsNYC (Manhattan), NYNew York, US2012-09-07 12:132012-10-07 12:13
Record look up Archive ResearchMartinsburgVirginia, US2012-09-05 11:382012-09-12 11:38
Ransbottom/Hurt in Belmont Co., OH 1830s-1840s Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Look UpsSt. Clairsville or ColumbusOhio, US2012-09-04 21:292012-10-04 21:29
Giuliano-Vecchio Rome, Italy marriage certificate Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchRomeItaly2012-09-03 19:332012-10-03 19:33
A Gift for my father-in-law  Archive Research, Calligraphy, Genealogy Research, Publishing, Village Photography, Pedigree Charts, Live Relations Search, Heirs & Probate, Military, JewishUnited States-all of the US2012-09-03 12:032012-09-10 12:03
JOHNSTOWN TRIBUNE-DEMOCRAT lookups Archive Research, Look UpsPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, US2012-09-01 12:562012-10-01 12:56
McCarty Long Lost Irish Roots Genealogy Research, Online Research, English > English, Old South Carolina, US2012-08-29 11:292012-09-28 11:29
Lubrin Spain Records Archive Research, Look UpsLubrinSpain2012-08-28 18:292012-09-27 18:29
for linked2ancestors only - case continued Genealogy ResearchPoland2012-08-25 18:402012-09-24 18:40
Record Search LA Archive Research, Look Ups, , MartinvilleLouisiana, US2012-08-24 10:312012-09-07 10:31
Scott Family Genealogy Research, Native AmericanEngland, UK, United States-all of the US, Native American2012-08-22 10:252012-09-21 10:25
ron McCoy No CategoryUnited States-all of the US2012-08-19 23:082012-09-18 23:08
Family of John Gray Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Heirs & Probate, Military, Family Historian, Look UpsClark CountyKentucky, US2012-08-18 17:102012-09-17 17:10
Florida Pioneer Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchGainesville, FLUnited States-all of the US2012-08-14 12:512012-09-13 12:51
Embree/Howard Family Line Genealogy Research, Heirs & Probate, Native American, Family Historian, Civil WarIowa, US, Oklahoma, US2012-08-14 11:362012-09-13 11:36
Looking for brazilian ancestry information of my familia Genealogy Research, Live Relations Search, Portuguese > English Brazil2012-08-11 13:012012-10-10 13:01
Urgent on-site search in MODESTO CA  Archive Research, Look Ups, , ModestoCalifornia, US2012-08-08 13:512012-08-11 13:51
michael michaels Genealogy ResearchNew Jersey, US2012-08-08 10:012012-09-07 10:01
uncle mike Military, Look UpsNew Jersey, US2012-08-07 14:372012-09-06 14:37
Neal Family Tree Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Online Research, English > German Germany, United States-all of the US2012-08-07 12:012012-08-17 12:01
Harrell Family Tree Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Online Research, , All - For Translation Only2012-08-07 11:592012-08-17 11:59
Find Immigration Information - - Hasinski Genealogy Research, Online ResearchUnited States-all of the US2012-08-06 12:532012-09-05 12:53
Marie Brunet in Canada Genealogy Research, French > English Ontario, Canada, Quebec, Canada2012-08-05 13:152012-09-04 13:15
Germany Genealogy Research, English > German BerlinGermany2012-08-04 18:252012-08-14 18:25
Parents of James Malone - Born 1814 North Carolina Genealogy Research, , Alabama, US, Arkansas, US, Georgia, US, Louisiana, US, Mississippi, US, North Carolina, US, South Carolina, US, Tennessee, US, Virginia, US2012-08-02 12:252012-08-09 12:25
Malone Family Tree Genealogy ResearchUnited States-all of the US2012-08-01 16:372012-08-08 16:37
Cosentino and Scali Families; Bivongi, Italy Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Italian > English BivongiItaly2012-07-30 06:022012-08-29 06:02
Lavinia Ferris Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, , New YorkNew York, US2012-07-28 10:352012-08-27 10:35
John Palm & Emma Wictor Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Swedish > English Sweden2012-07-27 18:422012-08-26 18:42
Birth Genealogy Research, Document TranslationsparisFrance2012-07-27 18:382012-08-26 18:38
Zieminski and Sadowski Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Polish > English Warszawa, MazowieckiePoland2012-07-27 17:502012-08-26 17:50
Mary Nalewalski Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Polish > English PosenPoland2012-07-27 17:372012-08-26 17:37
Michael Lesser 2 Archive Research, Genealogy ResearchNew York New York, US2012-07-27 12:272012-08-26 12:27
Michael Lesser Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Pedigree Charts, Online Research, German > English Berlin Germany2012-07-27 12:162012-08-26 12:16
Puvogel-Hamburg Germany Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Preliminary Research Plan, German > English Germany2012-07-25 21:042012-08-24 21:04
Losert Family Głuchołazy (Ziegenhals) Poland Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, German > English GłuchołazyPoland2012-07-25 20:572012-08-24 20:57
Russian Jews and their real names Genealogy Research, JewishLeedsUnited Kingdom-all of the UK2012-07-25 17:542012-08-24 17:54
NY Records for Wants2Work Archive ResearchNew York, US2012-07-25 17:072012-08-24 17:07
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